9 to 5: NEON #ColorMeExcited

Whether you’re going back to school, or you’ve used all of your vacation days, chances are you are going to be spending a lot more time indoors and at a desk.  If that’s the case I found some stylish, and very bright ways to make that time suck a little less.  The added bonus for putting a little neon in  your collection is how easy these things will be to find when rummaging through your bag.  

GYMLE Cases Don’t Bruise Your Apple

High quality hard coating protects your Macbook Pro from accidental hard knocks and scratches.  Leaving you to fully access to all buttons and features, while plugging in your charger, cable or headset without removing the case. Simple clip-on/off design without the added risk of harming your laptop during application.

Blue Lounge Cable Box Pet Guard

Keep the kitties at bay with the Cable Box Mini by Blue Lounge. Equipped with a surge protector these candy coated boxes with keep your wires and charges hidden.

Campo Marizo Move Around

Tote your office everywhere with the magazine caddy.  This carryall will fit your laptop, papers, cords, and basic supplies.

TRUFFLE Nº 1 Clarity Keep Your Bag Organized

The perfect go-to for stowing your everyday essentials. It’s polished enough for your designer handbag or at-the-ready for a trip to the beach.

iCushion On Your Desk

 This Silicone stand will keep your iPhone & iPad at the perfect angle, with it’s suction hold.  

Adam Message Pad Never Forget A Call

Adams give the basic while you were out a major upgrade with three bold and bright colors.

Baggu Duck Bag Stand Out In The Crowd

A tote bag in durable recycled cotton canvas duck. Two handles and 40" adjustable strap, to carry in hand or over shoulder.

Poppin Highlighters

Never forget an important passage again.  Poppin's Assorted Thing Highlighters making research  fun.

Beats By Dre Be Your Own DJ

Beats Mixr Headphones are designed for DJs, so they're the lightest and loudest model Beats makes. Created for audio enthusiasts and professionals alike, these over-ear headphones reproduce accurate sound and meet the needs of the world's best DJs.

SanDisk Drive Take Your Files Everywhere

The Cruzer Switch USB Flash Drive makes it easier than ever to back up, transport, and share your files. This USB drive keeps your photos, videos, music, and personal data secure with its protective cap and SanDisk's exclusive password-protection software.

Lihit Lab The Best Notebook Ever

Twist Ring Notebook keeps your notes and life organized. Employing a unique mechanism, the rings resemble those of a spiral ring notebook except that they are incredibly easy to open and close, allowing page removal and rearrangement without tearing. This means that you no longer have to deal with unsightly torn pages and the accompanying paper bits that get stuck in the rings and eventually create a mess in your bag. You can also exchange notes with your friends and colleagues, neatly transfer pages from one notebook to another, and keep refilling your notebook with fresh new sheets.

Pinch Provisions If You’re In A Pinch

A tongue-in-cheek monogram fronts a compact case packed with an assortment of just-in-case essentials. The 52-piece set includes plenty of double-sided tape, safety pins, earring backs and more so you can restock your kit when the occasion arises.

Sharpie Updated Classic

Ultra vivid color in natural light with marks that turn fluorescent in black light. Start Bright. Go Electric.



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The Power of the Peanut

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I have to admit the first few times I watched Planters new Power of the Peanut videos, I just laughed. They instantly reminded me of every work seminar and networking brunch that I’ve ever been to.  These seminars always include a lot of quick and easy quotes that are generic enough that they mold to anyone and everyones lives.  When I was younger I used to think that their generic nature, meant they were not good advice or worth my time.  The older I get the more I realize that those seminars were filled with generic goodies of thought, because we all sufferer though a lot of the same growing pains. We’ve all had a moment where we feel like our hard work is being overlooked. We’ve all wanted to take a chance and head out in a new direction.  Moments where we wanted to put ourselves out there, but didn’t.  More after the jump 


Neon Lunchables #NeonOrNothing

Lunch doesn’t always have to consist of a sandwich, carrot sticks and a drink.  Lunch can be Lasagna, salad with dressing, Homemade soup, even leftover pizza.  The key to having a lunch that branches out past the norms is having the right container.  For those of you who want to stay BPA free while still adding a little color to your life, The Container Store has got you covered.

Lunch Cube-to-Go

Thanks to ingeniously arranged dividers, it keeps a sandwich, chips and fruit tastefully compact and compartmentalized.

Quaddie Lunchbox

Featuring four compartments, the Slimline Quaddie Lunchbox allows you to keep lunch items neatly organized. It's ideal for transporting a sandwich plus sides or even a salad. Each of the sections includes a hinged lid. It includes an 8 oz. bottle for toting a beverage.

Snack Time

This unique 2-in-1 container features a patented, non-toxic freezer gel built into the leak-resistant top, keeping beverages icy cool. Fill the base with your favorite snack, twist the stay fresh lid and voila' - you're all set for snack time!

Snack Pack Boxes

Use the versatile and modular Klip-It Snack Pack Boxes to take your snack on-the-go! Convenient clips on the airtight lids make these containers a breeze to open.

Microwave Plate-to-Go

From a chicken breast and veggies to meatloaf and mashed potatoes, this colorful container is sized like a dinner plate to hold an entire entrée. The lid features a vent that let's you reheat your food splatter-free in the microwave. Four locking clips and a silicone seal on the lid create an airtight, leakproof seal.

Snack Pack Boxes

Use the versatile and modular Klip-It Snack Pack Boxes to take your snack on-the-go! Convenient clips on the airtight lids make these containers a breeze to open.

Noodle Bowl-to-Go

Noodle Bowl-to-Go is the colorful way to store and reheat your favorite soups, pasta and more! The vented lid ensures splatter-free reheating. Four locking clips and a silicone seal on the lid create an airtight, leakproof seal. The unique handle stays cool even after microwaving and makes eating on-the-go easy.

Snack Pack Boxes

Use the versatile and modular Klip-It® Snack Pack Boxes to take your snack on-the-go! Convenient clips on the airtight lids make these containers a breeze to open.

Dressing To Go

Here's a colorful way to dress your salad on the go. Dressing To Go containers are ideal for packing your favorite salad dressing or dipping sauce. Each colorful container features a screw-top lid. They are also made to complement the Chill It-to-Go and Salad-to-Go.


Slough Away Your Summer Skin Sins #BeautyMark

Beach weekends, steamy summer romances, short shorts, and sun kissed skin, are taking a brief hiatus until next June.  But first you have to slough away all of your summer sins.



It’s time to heal the burn and mask the redness. To soothe your burning face, start the healing process by using a moisturizer with aloe.  Once all signs of the burn is gone grab a exfoliating cleanser with alpha - hydroxy.  I am in love with BILLY JEALOUSY LiquidSand Exfoliating Facial Cleanse.  I know it’s for men, but it is the best exfoliating cleanser I’ve ever used.  Since UV rays can cause more than a sunburn, like broken blood vessels,  fight the red by trying Eucerin Redness Relief.  It has a slight green tint to help mask the rosiness.


It’s time to exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!  A body scrub Improves circulation and boosts cell re-growth.  I love going the DIY route with my Grapefruit Glow Salt Scrub.  If you have any cuts you will have to opt for something gentler like Anthro Lemongrass Shire Organic Body Scrub.  Once you’ve exfoliated, moisturize with a thick moisture trapping lotion or cream.  I keep a ridiculously big jar of Aquaphor right by bed, in my purse, in the bathroom, at work, and anywhere I might need to quench my skin's thirst. .  

Hands & Feet

Flip flops are your feets worst nightmare.  You may love the simplicity of throwing on a pair flops and the fact that they come in every color under sun, but they are killing your feet.  Flip flops leave your feed pretty exposed, which leads to cracks, callouses, and scratches all over, and leave your feet feeling tough. A good old fashioned scrub, soak, and slather is in order.  First fill your bathtub with a few inches of hot water.  Let your feet soak for a minute or two, and then give your them a good scrub. I personally love the Spongeables Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer, they smell amazing and last. Now that you’ve sloughed off some of the dead skin, give your feet a proper soak in a  foot bath or tub with hot water, five peppermint tea bags, tea tree oil, and some mint leaves for good measure. Pat them dry and slather your feet in some Aquaphor and slip on Bliss Softening Socks. Give your hands the same treatment to restore softness.


Did you know that you fingernails and toenails are pretty porous; they absorb pigments used in polish and easily stain. Don’t worry your foray into beachy blues and grassy greens won’t leave you looking like you’ve got a fungal issue.  A good buff can erase the shades locked into the top nail layers.  If you still find stains grab a bowl fill with water and add a few tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and soak your nails for 10 - 15  minutes. This is a gentle way to bleach away discoloration. If the stain is still around grab a toothbrush, whitening toothpaste, and give your nails a good brush, before rinsing, just like brushing your teeth. To avoid this in the future opt for good basecoat.    


You spent your summer living it up like a mermaid, in and out of the ocean, pool, lake and the occasional frolic in the sprinkler.  The sunlight, salt water, and chlorine have taken their toll and your hair is thirsty. Try detoxing your hair with Fekkai Advanced Summer Hair Marine Clean Detox Shampoo.  Follow up your detoxifying shampoo with Bumble & Bumble Quenching Conditioner, and feed your hair's thirst.  If you your hair still needs some refreshing reach for ALTERNA Bamboo UV+ Color Protection Rehab Deep Hydration Masque. This hair mask combines strengthening pure organic bamboo extract with color-locking, damage-locking melon extract.  It will leave your hair super silky and shield it from those pesky UVA/UVB dry-out and other oxidative damage.  It also has color hold technology to prevent color from fading and washing out.  You might also want to book an appointment with your stylist to get your ends trimmed.  

Add A Little Neon To Your Lunch #NeonOrNothing

Lunch is often the high point of the day.  It’s a chance to step away from computer, leave that little cubicle, and take a deep breath.  Lunch is your chance to re-energize before finishing off the rest of the work day.  Lunch should be a feast for all the senses,  which is why I’m such a huge fan of the Neon Lunch.  Not only is it colorful, but it also reduces your daily imprint.

Lunchskins -  You can finally ditch all the plastic bags for these reusable lunch skins.  They are available in three sizes, so you don’t have to worry about if your meals will fit.  Once your done you can throw them in the dishwasher and use them again the next day. They are also free of pesky things like lead, BPA, and Phthalates.

Baggu - While brown bagging it might be a classic, Baggu is the new classic.  A smaller version of their best selling reusable shopping bag. The Baby Baggu is perfect for your lunch, or a six pack, it all depends on how you do lunch. Once you’re done with lunch you can even fold your Baggu back into it’s 5” pouch, or drop it in the wash.

BKR - I’m one of those people who can not drink out of plastic bottles, I swear I can taste the plastic.  I know that sounds nutty, but I swear I can taste the plastic, and it tastes horrible. BKR water bottles solve this problem, by using glass water bottle with a silicone sleeve.  The silicone Sleeve not only helps protect the glass bottle, it also adds grip, and plenty of color.

Dana’s Bakery - Macarons so bright, you gotta wear shades. Cool off with the hottest flavors of the summer: Pink Lemonade, Orange Creamsicle, Key Lime, and Piña Colada!  Don’t worry if you don’t live NY, MI or FL Dana ships nationwide.  

Happy Lunching!


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