9 to 5: NEON #ColorMeExcited

Whether you’re going back to school, or you’ve used all of your vacation days, chances are you are going to be spending a lot more time indoors and at a desk.  If that’s the case I found some stylish, and very bright ways to make that time suck a little less.  The added bonus for putting a little neon in  your collection is how easy these things will be to find when rummaging through your bag.  

GYMLE Cases Don’t Bruise Your Apple

High quality hard coating protects your Macbook Pro from accidental hard knocks and scratches.  Leaving you to fully access to all buttons and features, while plugging in your charger, cable or headset without removing the case. Simple clip-on/off design without the added risk of harming your laptop during application.

Blue Lounge Cable Box Pet Guard

Keep the kitties at bay with the Cable Box Mini by Blue Lounge. Equipped with a surge protector these candy coated boxes with keep your wires and charges hidden.

Campo Marizo Move Around

Tote your office everywhere with the magazine caddy.  This carryall will fit your laptop, papers, cords, and basic supplies.

TRUFFLE Nº 1 Clarity Keep Your Bag Organized

The perfect go-to for stowing your everyday essentials. It’s polished enough for your designer handbag or at-the-ready for a trip to the beach.

iCushion On Your Desk

 This Silicone stand will keep your iPhone & iPad at the perfect angle, with it’s suction hold.  

Adam Message Pad Never Forget A Call

Adams give the basic while you were out a major upgrade with three bold and bright colors.

Baggu Duck Bag Stand Out In The Crowd

A tote bag in durable recycled cotton canvas duck. Two handles and 40" adjustable strap, to carry in hand or over shoulder.

Poppin Highlighters

Never forget an important passage again.  Poppin's Assorted Thing Highlighters making research  fun.

Beats By Dre Be Your Own DJ

Beats Mixr Headphones are designed for DJs, so they're the lightest and loudest model Beats makes. Created for audio enthusiasts and professionals alike, these over-ear headphones reproduce accurate sound and meet the needs of the world's best DJs.

SanDisk Drive Take Your Files Everywhere

The Cruzer Switch USB Flash Drive makes it easier than ever to back up, transport, and share your files. This USB drive keeps your photos, videos, music, and personal data secure with its protective cap and SanDisk's exclusive password-protection software.

Lihit Lab The Best Notebook Ever

Twist Ring Notebook keeps your notes and life organized. Employing a unique mechanism, the rings resemble those of a spiral ring notebook except that they are incredibly easy to open and close, allowing page removal and rearrangement without tearing. This means that you no longer have to deal with unsightly torn pages and the accompanying paper bits that get stuck in the rings and eventually create a mess in your bag. You can also exchange notes with your friends and colleagues, neatly transfer pages from one notebook to another, and keep refilling your notebook with fresh new sheets.

Pinch Provisions If You’re In A Pinch

A tongue-in-cheek monogram fronts a compact case packed with an assortment of just-in-case essentials. The 52-piece set includes plenty of double-sided tape, safety pins, earring backs and more so you can restock your kit when the occasion arises.

Sharpie Updated Classic

Ultra vivid color in natural light with marks that turn fluorescent in black light. Start Bright. Go Electric.



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F Is For Flamingo #WhatTheFlamboyance

Flamingo by Stephen Cheetham

 Ever since I picked up this Kate Spade iPhone case I’ve had Flamingos on the brain. I love that case so much, I put off upgrading my phone for a really long time.  It’s a bummer because now I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 which I love, but I don’t have a cute case for.  Since I can’t show my Flamingo pride via, my phone I’ve found a few other amazing items that feature my new spirit animal.

For those of you looking for something to talk about at your next cocktail party, here are five fun facts of Flamingos from About.Com

Where Does The Word Come From

The word "flamingo" comes from the Spanish and Latin word "flamenco" which means fire, and refers to the bright color of the birds' feathers.

Where Do They Get That Gorgeous Color From

Flamingo chicks are born gray or white and take up to three years to reach their mature pink, orange or red plumage. The pink, orange or red color of a flamingo's feathers is caused by carotenoid pigments in their food, and a flamingo's diet includes shrimp, plankton, algae and crustaceans.

Just How Big Are These Birds

The greater flamingo is the largest flamingo species and can measure up to five feet tall, but only weighs a maximum of eight pounds. The lesser flamingo is the smallest and can reach three feet tall. A adult flamingo's legs can be 30-50 inches long, which is longer than their entire body.


Flamingos are gregarious birds that do not do well in very small flocks. While a typical flock is only several dozen birds, flocks of up to a million or more have been recorded. A flock of flamingos is called a stand or a flamboyance.

When Did They Start Appearing On Lawns

Don Featherstone of Massachusetts is the inventor of the pink plastic lawn flamingo, which has been gracing lawns since 1957.

James's Flamingo Phoenicoparrus jamesi flock, at Laguna Hedionda, on the Bolivian altiplano. via Wikipedia

Taking Notes With Style - Finding The Perfect Notebook For You

For The Girl Who Loves Having Her Name On Things - May Designs // Erin Condren // Emily Ley 

The Golden Touch - Target // Sugar Paper // Carde Blanche // Rifle Paper Co. 

Classics Never Go Out Of Style - Poppin Subject // Poppin Composition 

Bold Colors Solid Patterns - Plan Ahead // Semikolon // Furbish Studio 

A Notebook That Might Be Smarter Than You - Evernote + Moleskine

Take 20% Off - Carde Blanche

9 to 5 with Carde Blanche


About Lori of Carde Blanche

College? UC Santa Barbara

Job Title? Jack of All Trades, Master of None

Where You Work? In my Office / Guest Room

What made you want to start your own business? Because I love paper and was continually asked to put together (amateur) invitations / announcements...and I wanted to buy all things related to paper and pen.

If you weren’t doing what you currently do, what job would you have? I would own a Bakery Bistro like Meryl Streep in It’s Complicated

Gadget Girl

Computer - MacBook Pro

Mobile Phone - iPhone 4 (ok..so I don’t even date Suri yet)

Tablet - mini iPad (current here)

Camera - iPhone (a little lazy here) and Canon EOS 

Working 9 to 5 And Then Some

What does a typical day look like? Always start with a strong / bold cup of coffee a la Peet’s beans

What Calendar App Do You Use? iCal

What Paper Planner Do You Use? pen and paper - in my office, in my purse, on my bedside table

How do you plan out your day? always start with the to-do list from the night before

How do you achieve a work-life balance? exercise every morning (yoga or walk or boot camp), tackle my list while my husband and kids are at work / school, make sure Smooth Jazz is playing while I’m working in the office.

How do you manage your to do list? Being A-type and task oriented...the longer the list the better

Best time saving shortcut? don’t procrastinate...Just Do It (a la Nike style)

How you manage email? Over morning coffee after I make school lunches...jump right in and try to respond right away versus saving it for later (but I’m known to do that too.)

Workspace and Must Haves

One word that best describes your workspace? Organized

What apps/software/tools can't you live without? Adobe Creative Suite

What do you listen to while you work? Ahhh...just the thought of it: Smooth Jazz

Coffee or Tea? Coffee...always

Snack? Almonds

Office Supplies You Can’t Live Without? pens...all colors, styles, brands! 

Calculator? - I’m old school...I don’t want to use the computer one on my dashboard

Bookmarks, Apps, and Software

Favorite Websites?

Favorite Apps? 

Favorite Software/tools?

Must Read Blogs?

While Carde Blanche offers items in a full spectrum of colors I love the options in Silver.

 The Chevron andSymmetry cards are my personal favorite.  I received the note cards in the mail a few weeks ago, and I have been using them at every turn.  The silver has a great sparkle to it, along with a full silver envelope.  When I say silver, I mean silver.  Not that matte gray with a small touch of sparkle like so many notecards end up being.  This silver really catches in the light and sparkles from every angle.  If sparkle really is your thing the Hi Ava Cards are a must have.  Each card features a Swarovski crystal, and for those of you who love Pink and Green Carde Blanche has got your covered.

For a limited time Lori is offering 20% off all Silver Stationery items.  Use the code "GAD20" at checkout!