Find The Right Planner For You #GSD

Find The Right Planner For You #GSD

Every year, I want to run out and buy the Kate Spade planner, it’s super cute and filled with whimsy.  This year they covered it in gold polka dots and I about died. But, I know that that would be the worst planner for me, because it doesn’t function how I function.  It’s a great planner, just not a great planner for how I think. And if my planner doesn’t work the way I do, by March I won’t be using it anymore, and my life would get progressively more unorganized.  Trust me I’ve been down that road before... and it sucks.  For those of you who feel like your planner isn’t cutting it,  I’m going to give you a breakdown of the planners I’ve owned in the past few years and how each of them work, or don’t work.  This breakdown will also feature ways to use each planner if you have buyers remorse.


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Home For The Holidays: Holiday Worksheet 2013

 It’s time to get in full tilt for the holiday season.  To make things go a little smoother this time around, I’ve come with a handy checklist to get you from Thanksgiving all the way to the New Year.  Hopefully, with your sanity in check.  Like last year we will feature different checklists to help with all your holiday plans, from getting a last minute Thanksgiving dinner on the table, the perfect hostess gift, to how to avoid packing on a few extra holiday pounds.  


Salon Appointments

Schedule all upcoming salon appointments.  Most Salons have their appointment book open for two months in advanced, in some cases they will let you plan three months out.  This means your holiday parties, New Years Eve and even Valentine’s Day can be scheduled now.  


If you are hosting Thanksgiving Dinner it’s time to talk turkey.  Spend this week getting your head count for dinner locked down.  Once you have a good idea of who is coming do a little Turkey Math and place your order.  Hint: 1.5 pounds of uncooked turkey for each person coming to dinner.  Don’t worry you will have plenty of leftovers.


Holiday Lights

For those of you using lights to help decorate for the holiday season, get them out of storage now.  If they are a big messy ball take the time to untangle them.  Once you’ve got your lights in order check to see if they actually work.  Try replacing bulbs if need be, or make a plan to buy more lights.  The past few years lights have left the shelves pretty quick so if you want your tree or front porch to sparkle don’t wait.  

Sweater Weather

Depending on where you live it may not be sweater weather yet.  But it’s coming so turn on your furnace and make sure all is well.  This way when the temperature really drops you won’t be left out in the cold.   For those of you with a wood burning fireplace, this is a great time to make an appointment with your local Chimney Sweep.

Winter Wear

Speaking of cold.  It’s time to gather all of your winter wear.  Make sure you gloves have a mate, hats and scarves don’t have holes, jackets are missing a button and sweaters still fit.  Take a quick inventory of what you have and what you need.  This will help you budget for the upcoming winter season.  For things that you are planning on getting rid of set them aside, because later on today I’ve got a plan to help you make good use of them.

Snow & Ice

I’m from Minnesota and snow is a major part of winter.  Which means snow removal and ice watch is a daily thing.  If you got a snow blower check it to see if the engine turns on and the tires are okay.  Speaking of tires, make a plan to get your Snow tires put on your car soon.  You don’t want to be caught off guard by a big snowfall.  If you’ve got a service that shovels your driveway and walkway, get on the phone with them now.  Make sure they know you would like their services again and discuss payment.  Last but not least, buy your salt now. Once the snow starts falling and freezing, salt will start flying off the shelves.  

Presents, Cards & Your Budget

Presents, Cards and Budgets, oh my!  Make a list and check it twice to see who is getting a holiday card and/or a present.  Figure out now what you want to get them and start scouting the internet for the best prices.  This will help with Black Friday and your budget.  If you know what you need, you can plan on how to save and when to spend.

Dinner Parties

Dinner Plans. Chances are every year you and friends, coworkers or neighbors go out to dinner and celebrate.  This year lock those plans down early and make your reservation.  To be on the safe side make reservations at two locations, just remember to cancel one of your reservations at least 7 days before.  When making your reservation, be honest about how many will be in your party.  If you think you are only going to have 10 people go with 12.  It will give you a little wiggle room for last minute RSVPs.  If you have a major shift in attendance, plus or minus, contact the restaurant right away, and be prepared to possibly have to adjust your reservation time.  When making the reservation, ask if there are any special rules or guidelines for large parties, and remember children occupy a seat, make sure you keep them in your head count.  If you have any special requests make them when you make your reservation.  Once your reservation is booked let everyone in your party know and send them a copy of the menu.  This will not only save you time in the long run but it will help the restaurant better accommodate your party.  

Now that you have your to do list print a out copy of the Holiday Cheat Sheet Worksheet and get to work.  Happy Holidays!  


Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF #ToT4UNICEF

Still looking for something to do on Halloween, why not Trick or Treat for Unicef.  The Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF campaign was started by kids 60 years ago. Since then participants have collected over $160 million to help change children's lives. Every dollar raised allowed UNICEF to fund programs to give children access to nutritious food, education, and vaccines against preventable childhood diseases—luxuries we take for granted every day. Even though Halloween is right around the corner you can still pre-order your Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF Boxes today!  If bundling up and heading outside really isn't your thing, you can Trick or Treat for Unicef online or text TOT to 864233 to make a donation.

Taking Notes With Style - Finding The Perfect Notebook For You

For The Girl Who Loves Having Her Name On Things - May Designs // Erin Condren // Emily Ley 

The Golden Touch - Target // Sugar Paper // Carde Blanche // Rifle Paper Co. 

Classics Never Go Out Of Style - Poppin Subject // Poppin Composition 

Bold Colors Solid Patterns - Plan Ahead // Semikolon // Furbish Studio 

A Notebook That Might Be Smarter Than You - Evernote + Moleskine

Take 20% Off - Carde Blanche

Get Ready To Panic #Taxes

9 to 5 Panic Party.jpg

It's that time of the year again, time to throw a Panic Party!! For all of you who haven't started to work on your taxes…don't bother.  You are going to throw caution to the wind and have a Panic Party!  

Step 1: On your way home from work invite everyone over that you know.



Step 2: Stop off at the local drive throughs and pick up dinner.  If you not feeling the drive through don't worry, this is a perfect time to clean out your fridge and serve everything in it.  I've been to plenty of panic parties where the menu ranges from Waffles, Taquitos, to Lean Cuisine's… you know food people forget is in their freezer.

Step 3: Drinks, since you are going to be burning the midnight oil it's time for some Espresso, Red Bull, and Coffee.  If you don't care how your taxes turn out and you want to be audited in the near future I have plenty of cocktails to suggest.

Step 4: Boiler Room, Wall Street, and The Devil's Advocate make for perfect entertainment!

Step 5:  Party Favors.  Since it's tax season calculators, pencils, legal pads, and old receipts are the perfect party favors.  Box your gifts in old Turbo Tax Boxes.  

Step 6:  Enjoy!

*If you really want to panic, throw this April 16th!