Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spas #BeautyMark

Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spas #BeautyMark

For those of you who frequent drug stores you’ve probably seen Montagne Jeunesse.  They have a full line of face masks and other beauty products.  My local drugstore seems to only have the Face Masks, and they change them up all the time.  I have to admit the first few times I saw them, I judged them by their price and packaging. I felt like nothing that comes in a paper sachet for under 2 dollars could possibly work.  It wasn’t until I overheard a woman at ulta gushing about how much she loved these masks and how she had driven all over town looking for her favorite Amore Rose Face Mask.  I figured if she was will to brave traffic, at rush hour in the rain, they must be worth it.  I grabbed the Red Hot Earth Sauna Face Mask and headed home.  It was amazing.  The Red, Hot Earth Sauna Face Masque self heats and it’s so relaxing while deep cleaning my pores.  The next day I filled my basket with great great masques from Dark Chocolate, Virgin Olive, Fruit Smoothie and Super Fruit.  These masks lured me away from my all time favorite ORIGINS Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask that I’ve been using since high school.  Now I’m strictly a DIY or Montagne Jeunesse girl.  

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Manis & Pedis #BeautyMark

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Before Your Book

Before you book your mani/pedi ask the salon what kind of sterilizing system they use.  We've all see the news specials about the creepy crawlies that live on unclean nail equipment.  If you don't want a fungus or heaven forbid your fingers to fall off, get nosy and ask questions.  Tools should be heated in an autoclave or soaked in hospital strength solutions.  If you really want to be on the safe side, bring your own tool kit.  Just let the salon know before hand that you are planning on going that route.  

To make your manicure move a little fashion remove your current polish the night before and give you hands a good soak and clean. 

In The Salon

You know the girl who has to arrive to her mani appointment an hour early so she can stare at the wall of polish aka wall of indecision.  That's me, I'm that girl.  I wasn't always that girl.  For years I was a strictly basic black polish kind of girl.  Now 60 shades later I'm the girl who can't make up her mind and has a ridiculous collection of polish to prove it.  Here are a few hand tips to keep you from becoming the crazy that is me.  

Start with the a little processes of elimination. Narrow down the color family, Once you have your color family picked out decide if you want sparkle, shimmer, matte, or gloss.  Hopefully after this you will only have a few shades left.  Now grab those bottles and put the shades to the test.  We've all been there, shades look different on the nail than they do in bottle. See which one strikes your fancy.  And always bring one shade that you know you love to the appointment, if indecision really kicks in you know that you have a back up.  

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Ready To Dry

Let your nails dry the old fashioned way.  Exposing your hands to the ultraviolet lights in the nail dryers can speed up the aging process in your skin. Even though the UVB may be quicker opt for the fan.  You hands in 20 years will thank you.  

After Your Visit

If you really enjoyed your trip book another appointment right away.  If the price is right you might want to book a block of appointments.  A lot of salons give discounts for block booking, and some don't even require you to pre pay.  

To keep your manicure looking salon perfect for days to come apply a new topcoat ever couple of days, the color will last longer. 

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Get Those Holiday Lights Up

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Do you remember when I told you about the magical powers of candle light.  Well if you forgot let me remind you; Candle light offers a glow that not only softens the look of your skin, but make you look younger and flush.  Now that you're caught up I want to let you in on another little secret.  

Enter the secret power of holiday lights.  I have holiday lights all over my sweet little abode.  At night there is this magic moment when nothing but the glow of holiday lights is shinning and I look younger, my skin looks softer and I get a naughty holiday flush.  Which brings me to my point. You should get holiday lights and put them all over your house, right now.  I suggest getting red and white lights, because when you forget to take them down in January it won't matter, since Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Plus I'm pretty sure you can stretch them into working for Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day and Fourth of July.  Happy Holidays!

Sonia Kashuk Nail Color - Fall 2013 #BeautyMark

Sonia Kashuk and her award-winning formula delivers opaque color and a chip-resistant, high-shine finish.  They look great without a base (again I'm too impatient to do that) they also work wonderfully without a top coat.  Aside from my favorite Sally Hansen Sticker Manicure this polish is the quickest thing out there, plus the longevity is equally impressive.  For those of you looking for the most toxic free manicure Sonia’s nail colours are the most affordable 3-free on the market — free of the most common toxic chemicals found in nail polish: Dibutyl Phthalate (BDP), Formaldehyde and Toluene. Sonia's line at Target doesn't have the largest selection of colors, but all of her colors are right on trend, and she doesn't forget the classic everyday shades either.   And like I said, it takes barely two coats to get fully opaque and dries with a smooth, glossy finish.  If you don’t see your color in stores, you might want to check online where past colors are still available.